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The Ladies of Horror
Picture-Prompt Writing Challenge!

A Sailor’s Lament
by Alyson Faye 

Painted with moonshine

wings a-flutter, scapula carved

from oysters’ pearls, second skin

woven by your followers.

You wait, at your vigil,

lantern-lit, storm-soaked.


Eyes black as jet, lips ruby-red,

skin soft as cream.

You will bring me home

from the raging, squally seas

and its ravenous monsters –


sweet, oh so sweet your kiss . . .


we will lie together,

awash with lust and longing,

on a bed of moss and sea spume.


Your hair unbound, ripples,

then coils around my wrists,

handcuffed, love-locked,

we soar skywards,

close as a whisper,

wings feathering the air,

testing, taunting, trusting

we plunge . . .


Fiction © Copyright Alyson Faye
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Adam is having nightmares about a skeletal shadow figure, who he calls Spindleshanks. Soon his whole class are sharing the same nightmare. Adam’s dad, Rob, knows that Spindleshanks can’t be real. But is he? One terrible night Rob has to face his son’s nightmare creature and fight for his son’s life. What would you sacrifice to have your child back safe?

“A decent two-for-one. Alyson Faye brings the engaging and eerie in equal measure.” CC Adams – horror / dark fiction author

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  1. Thank you Nina, as always for inviting me to participate,

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