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Book Spotlight: ‘Paths of Darkness’ by Michael Subjack @msubjack – A short #story #collection of #horror!

Paths of Darkness Michael Subjack In his second short story collection, Michael Subjack brings you thirteen new tales of terror. When a desperate car thief steals a strange automobile, he earns the wrath of its dangerous and otherworldly owner. The … Continue reading

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‘Hell’s Empire: Tales of the Incursion’

‘Hell’s Empire: Tales of the Incursion’ – an anthology of horror tales. Continue reading

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Sacrifice to the Gods, by @PenoftheDamned Member, A.F. Stewart. @scribe77 #free #horror #fiction

A story of betrayal, sacrifice and a wee bit of regret by Pen of the Damned member, A.F. Stewart.  Sacrifice to the Gods In the tomb of the gods, the dark soul stirred, the long-dormant bones staring through shadows with hollowed … Continue reading

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Swept Away by Nina D’Arcangela, originally published on @PenoftheDamned @Sotet_Angyal

Here is a piece I wrote a couple years back. While it isn’t straight-up horror, it is a bit… deadly? Anyway, I hope you enjoy! Swept Away Dwindling twilight; a summer breeze. He hands her a chilled glass of wine. … Continue reading

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When You’re Howling by Guest Author Charles Gramlich on @Sotet_Angyal

“A gruesome little tale of careful what you ask for by guest author, Charles Gramlich on“ When You’re Howling I watched the crazy bastard staggering across the shit-colored wasteland like some post-apocalyptic bindlestiff. He gestured wildly at Heaven and … Continue reading

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Milk and Moonshine, by Mercedes M. Yardley @MercedesMY @PenoftheDamned #flash #fiction #pain #horror @Sotet_Angyal

A beautifully horrific piece of prose from Mercedes M. Yardly, member of Milk and Moonshine Mercedes M. Yardley She was cursed with a fairness that strangled her. Expectations woven into her dark hair, an openness and roundness to her … Continue reading

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Book Release and 99 cent promo deal! ‘Ghosts of the Sea Moon’, by A.F. Stewart @scribe77

Ghosts of the Sea Moon A.F. Stewart In the Outer Islands, gods and magic rule the ocean. Under the command of Captain Rafe Morrow, the crew of the Celestial Jewel ferry souls to the After World and defend the seas … Continue reading

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