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The Ladies of Horror
Picture-Prompt Writing Challenge!


The Story-teller   
by Kendra Hale 


She wanted to be known as passionate whenever her name was spoken in tandem with her work. Dedicated sounded too far removed from the human element and since that was the core and heart of her work …that was just unacceptable.

In truth it was more than an obsession, her work was more demanding than that. It could be better described as an addiction. She loved the complete image that came from hours of miniscule parts. Textures and details that when interwoven together gave something whole and alive. An essence.

The formality and decorum of it all. The controlled and organized chaos, put together after years of practice and learning. The journey of the meticulous steps from collecting her materials, selecting her medium, carefully choosing her brushes and palette knives. The smell of the freshly stretched canvas, the chemical smell of the cleansers and toners, fixtures, and inks. All of it came together in a ceremony splayed out before her ready for the ritual to begin.

But the paint…

That was the most magical part of it and undeniably the most important aspect of it.

The collection of her paint was always satisfying and set the tone for whatever piece was to be created. She had always known what was needed from a medium.

For this piece she had envisioned a weeping angel. It was crystal clear to her that she required a graceful, hauntingly sad man or woman to play her muse.

Theresa had been the perfect provider, rain had mingled with her tears on that battered park bench creating one entity unintelligible from one another. Her white dress had clung to her body and the racking sobs should have held screams or gasps. Cries of utter despair should have emanated from her lips but there was nothing…a silent agony. She was sheer perfection in her tragedy.

The thick red paint was so dark in the jar, but her thinner would help it be more manageable on the canvas. As her brush kissed the canvas her soft smile was ready for this new story to be told. Theresa would live on, forever encased in that last emotion.


Fiction © Copyright Kendra Hale
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  1. Love the voice of your narrator – so beguiling and so sinister – love her power

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