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Perpetual Night

by Georgina Morales “Lilibeth is a sweet fifteen-year-old with a great relationship with her Mom. Recently she started having nightmares; first strange dreams she didn’t understand but as weeks go by they become ominous and scary. When her dreams start … Continue reading

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Daemonwulf – Lord of the Wulves

Let’s step off the path and head somewhere a little darker, shall we… GENESIS 3:4 – I watch in horror as blood erupts from my gut. It spills down my leg, splattering the pavement at my feet as the beast … Continue reading

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Childhood Nightmares: Under the Bed

Sirens Call Publications has recently released their first Anthology titled  “Childhood Nightmares: Under the Bed” Childhood Nightmares is a collection of twelve tales of youthful terror spun by twelve different authors recounting the horrors that creep and crawl through a … Continue reading

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Adriana’s Eagles, by Angela White

“An Eagle is the only line of defense between our camp of survivors and a hostile new world. Extreme force is necessary and will be used at my discretion, no matter the age or condition of the threat. True mercy … Continue reading

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Fear’s Embrace by Melissa A. Smith

Overview: Fear has a way of getting the better of all of us at one time or another. For some people, Fear is a bigger influence than they would like to admit. Gerald and his team have been tracking Fear … Continue reading

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This Brilliant Darkness

by Red Tash Synopsis: When an ancient monster (Greachin) identifies a quirky professor (Christine) as his latest threat, all Hell breaks loose in the urban forest of Indiana University’s Dunn Woods. Will Christine piece together Greachin’s destructive plan in time … Continue reading

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Haunted Bedtime Stories

by K.F. Kirwin “A collection of six short stories of horrors and hauntings. The stories touch upon the subjects of families, friends, travel, love and revenge. This collection takes you near and far, tells of good and bad and invites … Continue reading

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‘Cryptic’, by DA Chaney

Ed and Brock are seasoned grave-robbers with hundreds of bodies stolen and sold to be able to put food in their stomachs in 1800‘s England. What they couldn’t possibly know is that while it’s not easy living topside, there has … Continue reading

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Hiram Grange and the Chosen One

The Scandalous Misadventures of Hiram Grange (book 4) by Kevin Lucia Hiram Grange doesn’t believe in fate. He makes his own destiny. That’s a good thing, because Queen Mab of Faerie has foreseen the destruction of the world, and as … Continue reading

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Zombie Night in Canada: First Period

by Jamie Friesen Tokyo. Sydney. Beijing. Cairo. Paris. Rome. New York. Los Angeles. One by one, the world’s great cities fell to the zombie plague. What chance does a small, non-descript city in Canada like Edmonton have? The world as … Continue reading

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