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The Ladies of Horror
Picture-Prompt Writing Challenge!


by Michelle Joy Gallagher 

There was a trail along the river dotted with park benches and stately oaks where Claire found herself more often than not, especially when she wasn’t feeling well. She’d moved into the adjacent apartment complex 3 years ago in the fall, and the beautiful colors of the leaves had called to her, drew her in.
She regretted bringing Reggie here. All of it felt tied to him now. She tried her best to make it her own again, but the thought of him coated everything like a dull film. It dampened the colors she loved so much. He had appeared to her like out of a dream but quickly turned into a nightmare, getting increasingly angry at her for tiny things. She clung to him and tried to please him but as time went on it was an impossible task. He vanished just as quickly as he’d come, leaving without a word or a trace.
It was late in the evening with tears in her eyes she’d finally given up at finding peace. She took a deep hitching breath that masked the voice at first. She stood to head home when the voice spoke again.
“Hey cupcake.”
It was Reggie’s nickname for her. She whipped around expecting to see him standing there in his wool jacket but there was no one.
She pulled her sweater closed and crossed her arms and started the trek back to her apartment. The leaves stirred in a sudden breeze and beneath the sound of them swirling was the sound of footsteps behind her.
She stopped and looked around. Nothing.
As soon as she turned back around, a hand fell upon her shoulder, fingers pinching the tender part of her neck. “Where you going cupcake?” The fingers dug in punctuating the last word. She could feel breath in her ear as the voice spoke.
She tried to break away and run but her other shoulder was grasped tightly and she was pulled backward, falling hard on the path. She cried out in pain. Standing over her was the dark fog outline of a tall man in a wool coat. She covered her face and screamed. She’d hit her head hard. When she opened her eyes again the fog was no longer there but her vision blurred and the back of her scalp was bleeding. She thought she had been rid of her ghost but she was mistaken.
Fiction © Copyright Michelle Joy Gallagher
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