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The Ladies of Horror
Picture-Prompt Writing Challenge!


Counting Stars  
by Kendra Hale

If there was one thing life had taught Jazzman about life it was this, no one person deserved all of your trust and your love. Growing up in a broken home had already shown her facets of the world that most children never had to worry about except for in nightmares. This was only expanded upon once she was old enough to have sleepovers and got a taste of the life that other children had when it came to the parental roulette that people called God’s plan.

As Jazz grew older she found the differences more and more staggering and harder to cope with. She found herself withdrawing as often as she could to keep the silence that she found herself craving. Most from broken homes searched for love, sometimes in the darkest of places, but all Jazz found herself wanting was the quiet.

She yearned for it so much that her world became black and she began to enjoy the solace that the dark held for her. She enjoyed the night because even in the calm dark Byzantine blue that was painted over the sky, even the dimmest of stars shone. She had her calm place shrouded by willow trees and a small stream that lazily passed through, making its way onto where ever it needed to flow.

In the water’s reflection the stars seemed to align themself upon Jazz’s face creating a pattern. The starlight shone as though freckled across her face and once home again…she realized that they didn’t disappear. In fact they seemed to shine brighter and she swore she heard a voice calling to her.

“Feed us more.”

Jazzman didn’t understand it all at first but it was so nice to feel special, one of the chosen by the Gods. It comforted her in a way the gentle kindness of her friends and their parents never had because she felt like she was in control. It was that which she craved the most, to feel the control of her life, actions, and choices. In that thought she knew what the Gods wanted as all the history books and mythos couldn’t be wrong…a sacrifice must be offered and if she was able to provide and have that control, logic dictated she was chosen.

Newspapers around the world would herald lines about “Spontaneous Combustion” and “Strange Occurrences Leave Only Ashes Behind.” But as a chosen she slid through the cracks never being noticed until she willed it to be so. A life of duck and being as small as you can had prepared her well. And watching the shine of her stars as they burned brightly taking in the essence she chose was euphoric. She was no longer human but above it all and the silence was deafening as the stars made it impossible to make a sound as the vocal chords burned first.

Blissful darkness with only the stars to guide her.


Fiction © Copyright Kendra Hale
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  1. afstewart says:

    An excellent story.

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