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The Ladies of Horror
Picture-Prompt Writing Challenge!

by Kathleen McCluskey 

Morgana knew that to get to the spell of resurrection she must first cast the charm of making. She began, “All nall nathrack, oofaaas bethood…” The deserted castle began to rumble. Lightning lashed at the ramparts creating a cascade of rock. A gaping hole in the stone smoked as the rain pelted the newly melted rock. Morgana continued, “..dolce nee  en vay.” The castle shook violently. Morgana was thrown to the ground. Her long gray hair blew all around her face, sticking to her cheeks and forehead. She panted as she stood.

The hours since hearing of her son’s death had not been good to Morgana. Since her beloved son’s demise she had become a mere shell of her former, powerful self. Mordrid was her only son; her only child. He was her world. Her life force drained when he was murdered. She had made him powerful and very arrogant. He was trained by the best knights in the realm. Morgana insisted on it. Not all knights wanted nor needed a round table to kill enemies. There had been a split with the guards and knights when Morgana and her brother, the king, had gone to war. Modrid knew every form of fighting, strategy, and warfare; he was well educated and could not only wield a broadsword but also ride a stallion into battle.

The latest campaign was to be the turning point of the war into Morgana’s favor. She had a vision of victory. Her army was decimated and her beloved son brutally killed. Now his body lay on the altar, his armor stained with his own blood and his milky eyes staring but not seeing. Morgana began the charm of making again as she walked closer to her son. When she finished chanting for the fourth time she placed her hands onto her son. Lightning again lashed at the ground, the smell of ozone filled the air as the entire castle was illuminated. Morgana began the spell of resurrection, “angelus… mortem, bada nooooothra..” The sky above the castle began to grow darker and darker. The clouds turned black and began to pulse. Morgana continued, “…smerrrrth aaav morttthhhhrrrraaaaay!”

The sky sliced open allowing the blackest of black smoke to speed downward onto the altar, Morgana and Mordrid. There was a momentary deafening silence as the smoke dissipated. Mordrid began to sit up; a large, wicked smile crept across Morgana’s face as she watched her son stand and sheath his sword. She looked around; Mordrid’s army had been resurrected with him. An entire regiment of men with one foot in the real world and one in the afterlife. This is the turning point of the war that she had seen in a vision. She thought to herself, “Arthur will never be able to defeat us now! Vengeance is mine!” She took her son’s hand as they stepped off of the altar.

Fiction © Copyright Kathleen McCluskey
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  1. afstewart says:

    A wonderfully dark story.

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