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The Ladies of Horror
Picture-Prompt Writing Challenge!


by K.R. Morrison 

She hummed The Tune as she tidied her sitting room. As she waltzed, thinking of HIM in her arms, her glance went to the gramophone sitting on a small table by her favorite chair.

She hadn’t even considered going to the auction, but something had compelled her to attend, and she was forever grateful to whatever powers had convinced her to go.

For there it sat—the very gramophone that HE had listened to—the poor, cursed soul who had haunted her dreams ever since she was a girl. That television soap opera—better than any that had gone before or would ever follow after.

She had paid far more than her meager allowance could afford, but she felt as if she had had no choice. The instrument had been calling to her, in a way.

She fluttered down into her chair, remembering the times she had stolen over to her neighbors’ house to watch the ongoing drama of this show, especially the episodes concerning the drop-dead gorgeous man who had become one of the cursed inhuman—a werewolf.

Oh, how she had wished for a chance to comfort him, to help him rise above the ignominy that had fallen upon him!

The music grew in her mind, blocking out everything else, until she fell asleep humming to herself.

After a most peaceful sleep, she sat blissfully in her chair with her eyes closed, thinking back on her dreams.

It wasn’t long before her senses woke, making her realize that something wasn’t quite right.

First of all, it was now nighttime, from what she could see through the windows…

…which were not hers!

She sat bolt upright and looked around, alarm in her heart.

This was not her room! This room was appointed entirely in Victorian furniture and decorations. Incredibly enough, it looked like one of the sets in the TV show she had fallen in love with all those many years ago.

She heard a stirring to her left, and chanced a look in that direction.

That glance immediately became a full-on stare. For, incredibly, there was another presence in the room!

It was…HIM! There he sat, in a chair that did not belong to her, in a room she had never been in.

But that look in his eyes! She remembered that agony, as he fought to quell his cursed needs.

His eyes caught hers, and she fell into that glance, that soulful, agonized glance…

At that same moment, the full moon broke through the clouds outside the window…

Fiction © Copyright K.R. Morrison
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2 Responses to Ladies of Horror Flash Project – #Horror #author K.R. Morrison @KRMorrison2 @darc_nina #LoH #fiction

  1. afstewart says:

    Nice and creepy, a great story.

  2. I love the sense of disconnection between realities here – though I quite envy her that “most peaceful sleep” – it would almost be worth being devoured by a werewolf for that :-p

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