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The Ladies of Horror
Picture-Prompt Writing Challenge!


All the Pretty Souvenirs 
by K.R. Morrison 

Hello, my pretties. It’s been a long time since I have been able to visit you. My apologies for having had to stash you away in this miserable cave, but it was for your own safety…and mine.

It hasn’t been too cold for you, has it? I didn’t have much choice; one really doesn’t have too many options whilst escaping a bank vault as the building burns to ashes. But you are safe up here in the mountains. Soon, if I retain my freedom, I will find a nicer place for you.

Pity that the bank employees started to get suspicious. I could tell that the manager was about to do something rash on my last visit. He gave me a weak smile when he saw me and muttered something about “smell of decay” as he unlocked the door to the vault. And now they are all experiencing death. Their fault, not mine.

Ah, you are such a sight for my poor eyes.

Uncle Leo, with the wandering hands. They didn’t wander much after I had that discussion with you, did they? I wonder if they ever found the rest of you. Your wedding ring doesn’t fit as well on that finger as it used to; I shall have to find a way to bind it on.

And Aunt Dolores—you rolled your eyes and looked away as Uncle made all those plays for my personal space. Your eyes don’t roll as well as they used to. I relish the memory of playing dice with them myself right after I obtained them from your dead skull. But they soon became unmanageable, as decaying things do. But at least I can look back and remember. It makes me smile.

Denny, the school bully. My nemesis. Bet you missed your tongue—that sharp instrument with which you tormented so many of us. So—when you went into eternity, did you get it back in order to explain away your behavior, much as your parents did so that you could keep perpetrating your taunts and evilness? I will return it to you when my life is over—whenever that will be. I have met Death, and he doesn’t want to ever see me again. Good luck with that then.

Frisky, the rotten little cur that always tried to bite me whenever I visited my parents. Nice collar—it still shines in the dim light. I never did find out if these were real diamonds or fakes. Doesn’t matter—it’s the neck it surrounds that I find captivating.

Oh—I hear voices. And…is that a hound baying? They’re coming for me yet again. Such drama!

Sigh. Looks like I will have to make space in one of these drawers for even more memorabilia.

Fiction © Copyright K.R. Morrison
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  1. What a wicked story – such a rich and imaginative interpretation of the prompt.

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