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The Ladies of Horror
Picture-Prompt Writing Challenge!


Reunited…and It Feels So Good  
by Rie Sheridan Rose 

Jane glanced in her mailbox out of habit. There was never anything there. All her bills were auto-paid online, and she’d managed to weed out most of the junk mail through one spell or another. But today—today there was a thick envelope inside.

It took her a minute to remember the combination, but she had the thing in hand soon enough. It was a heavy, cream stock. Very impressive and probably expensive. Curiosity had her rip through the flap without budging from the mailboxes.

What was inside made her wish she had a chair to collapse into.

You are cordially invited to the

25th reunion of the class of 1997

at Genosee High School.


Snacks will be provided

(but feel free to bring a dish)

Images flooded her mind. Students laughing and pointing at ‘Jittery Jane’ after she had made a fool of herself yet again stuttering her way through an answer in class—correctly, mind. She was always right. She could have been valedictorian, but the principal had pulled her aside before graduation and asked her if she really wanted to make a speech in front of all those people… It still rankled that she hadn’t even been allowed to try. And even more that they had “adjusted” the grades so she hadn’t even received the scholarship that went with the rank.

People had made fun of her height, her weight, her…endowments. All of which were transitory and easily fixed with the appropriate spell. Outside, she was now picture perfect—even if she still was ‘Jittery Jane’ inside.

If only she could make them see how badly they had hurt her…

Something clicked in her mind. Why not? She would go to the reunion. She would smile at those who had nearly ruined her life. Who had definitely sent her the Master’s way. Who had sealed their bargain more than the blood.

And she would take her special brownies, the ones with a secret ingredient that would show them all what it was like to be ‘jittery.’ How she would laugh…

Fiction © Copyright Rie Sheridan Rose
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  1. OMG, “class reunion” – are there any more awful words in the lexicon of horror? So many great touches in this story – do you market the spell for blocking junk mail?

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