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The Ladies of Horror
Picture-Prompt Writing Challenge!

by Kathleen McCluskey

Allan trimmed the beautiful violets along the walkway to his front door. They brought a peaceful tranquility to his turbulent life. The blooms represented a momentary calm as the beautiful flowers developed. Allan was a man that was constantly on the edge, ready to explode. His stress levels were palatable even to strangers.

As the flowers grew so did his seething rage for his neighbor. The woman was young and carefree, two traits that Allan despised. He would obsessively watch her through his living room window. Even when she wasn’t visible he would still watch her house. In a trance like state, he would mindlessly pick at the palm of his hand as he glared through the sheers. Allan was beginning to lose his grip on his sanity as thoughts of murdering her ran through his head.

The gorgeous flowers played in the summer breeze; they seemed almost magical in their serenity. Allan sat in his garden with his back against the house in the dirt. He was surrounded by the fragrant blossoms and tried to breathe in some of their tranquility. He lowered his head and sighed loudly. He thought to himself, “Today is the day, I will rid myself of that bitch.” He stood and shook the dirt off of his pants. In a catatonic stupor he opened the door to his home. He went straight to his bedroom and opened the top dresser drawer. He pulled out his old Colt .45 and tucked it into the waistband of his jeans.

Allan walked across the street; he could hear music coming from the backyard. He strained to see, through the slats in her tall wooden fence, if there was any movement in the yard. He backed away from the fence when the large door began to open. A soft voice spoke to him, “Hello, Allan. I was hoping you would eventually tire of watching me and come over. My flowers have been singing my siren’s song for over a year. You finally heard it and decided to venture over.” Allan only stood there looking at her. “I see I have confused you.” She shook her head, “I have been beckoning you. Your anxiety and hatred made you irresistible to my sisters and I.” She swung the door all the way open. “See? My beautiful ladies do love to snack on meat that has marinated in your particular style of malice.” They pulled Allan into the yard. The large door slammed shut behind him. The stunning sirens changed into hideous beasts and attacked.

The neighborhood would never miss Allan. They assumed he had just moved away. “Good riddance to bad rubbish” on neighbor commented. The sirens waited for the house to be occupied again. They knew that their beautiful purple flowers were a beacon for the tormented.

Fiction © Copyright Kathleen McCluskey
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4 Responses to Ladies of Horror Flash Project – #Horror #author Kathleen McCluskey @KathleenMcClus4 @Sotet_Angyal #LoH #fiction

  1. afstewart says:

    A terrific story.

  2. Very nice – a masterclass in turning a beautiful prompt into something horrific. Don’t suppose you know where I can buy seeds for the violets – I have this neighbour… 🙂

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